Concrete Waterproofing Admixture
Shotcrete equipment
     Shotcrete application is the most advanced modern technology of concrete placement practically in any dimensional direction by common shotcrete equipment. Technological efficiency is accomplished by isolating materials, density upgrading fillers, and strength gaining admixtures, where KALMATRON® admixtures combines all of above supplemental devices and additions to provide Shotcrete’s accomplishment by water resistant and durable concrete. 

     KALMATRON® admixtures for Shotcrete mixes are KF-A as a dry powder and its liquid version K1OO® provides performance on all major stages of shotcrete application technology.
    It takes at 2% of KALMATRON® KF-A admixture from the weight of cement to get one-step applied coat benefited by:
  • Pumpability is up to 500’                            - No concrete plasticizer is required
  • Rebound is below 5% or no rebound       - No Water Reducers is required 
  • Impermeability from ¾” thick                     - No isolating membrane is required
  • No shrinkage cracks                                    - No fibers are required     
  • No curing is required                                   - No curing compounds requires

   The largest concrete repair project in California is still going on from 2005 by coating of inner walls of 100 years old 200 miles long Aqueduct by KALMATRON® . 

    The customer is LA Water & Power Department very satisfied with conformity of non-shrinking performance and water/crude oil impermeability of ¾” shotcrete layer,   

Proven economy per 1 SF is by at 6 to 10 times of shotcrete application could be adjusted by your project installments.

Also we have a system of mix designs developed for fortification structures and facilities of national security.

Ask about sample enough to be added into the working batch up to the auto mixer. 
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Concrete canal and water gate of irrigation system Owens River, Spillgates Aberdeen California by Los Angeles W&PD, 2006. 

Project accomplished without membranes and curing procedure resulted in economy by 40% per SF.