Concrete Waterproofing Admixture
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The main rule of shotcreting is “The Nozzle Man is always right”. Every nozzle 

man may have noticed that shotcrete mix with KALMATRON® KF-A or K100® is 

less noisier into the mixer, doesn’t make vibrations of the shotcrete equipment 

such as the hose and the nozzle, a little or none of loose on a floor and easy to 

apply thick layer in one pass on vertical surfaces as it shown at right.
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Admixture Applications
Metal pipes relining by the plaster with K100®
[limited warranty of shotcrete]

We give a warranty on the products performance for each specified project.


1. Highest volume of cement hydration completes concrete  
   formation without curing. No curing is required.   

2. Exothermic heat is lower at 30% to 50%.  There are no  
    shrinkage cracks and slab’s curling.  No fiber is required. 

3. Yield of mixed batch is higher by 8% to 14% of cement gel. 
    No water reducer or concrete plasticizer is required.   

4. Water impermeability of shotcrete at ¾” thick is 100%  
    respectively. No isolation is required. 

5. Early strengthening at 1st to 3d days at 25%. 
    No strength gainers and excessive rebar required. 

6.  Highest resistance to chemical and climate corrosions.

7.Therefore, KF-A upgrade conventional concrete batch up to the High Performance Concrete.